Create Opportunities:  Innovation to Integration

North Castle Integration identifies, evaluates, and implements the right innovative technologies that solve a large organization's business challenges and fulfill its strategic vision.  Our approach is practical, leveraging real world industry knowledge and close technology relationships to match the right solution to the right problem through small projects that scale up, not through long drawn out science projects.

We match businesses with emerging technologies in artificial intelligence, generative engineering, business process management, and data integration  to efficiently integrate their underlying (and often disconnected) businesses, operational groups, and 3rd party partners.  We also join-up technology firms, allowing them to leverage each other's best of breed components to enhance existing services or launch new products.

The results are new opportunities for revenue generation, optimization, cross-functional collaboration, reduced operational risk, and regulatory compliance.


We closely identify with real world business and operational challenges by leveraging over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, including capital marketsinvestment banking, the mortgage industryresearchretail banking and wealth management.   This knowledge, coupled with our relationships with technology providers of artificial intelligencegenerative engineeringbusiness process managementcustomer relationship management, and data integration allow us to orchestrate innovative, practical, strategic programs at both a regional and global scale.


We employee an entrepreneurial spirit of optimism, creativity, resourcefulness,  and practicality to identify patterns, connections, and opportunities that might otherwise be missed.   Projects are transformational in nature, requiring close collaboration with senior business and IT management to articulate complex issues and successfully navigate and influence at all levels of the organization.

Managing Director, Business Integration Architect

Paul Lashmet is a business integration architect with expertise in orchestrating global strategic programs resulting in cross-functional team alignment and collaboration, revenue generation, efficiency gain, reduced operational risk, and regulatory compliance. He closely collaborates with senior business and IT management to streamline business processes and integrate data sources and systems across the financial business landscape, including capital markets, investment banking, retail banking and wealth management.

He is a creative and resourceful leader who identifies patterns and connections not obvious to others. Recognized by colleagues as an enterprising contributor with the ability to articulate complex issues and facilitate cross-functional programs. Successfully navigates and influences at all levels of the organization, as well as third party relationships.




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