Innovation and Optimization

What we do:  Identify, evaluate, and implement new technologies, processes, and ideas to create value.

Digital eCommerce to Optimize Enterprise Procurement

We applied the concept of digital eCommerce to optimize the process by which departments within a global enterprise could procure a "box" of standard services for new hires or to move entire groups from one location to another.  This system reduced procurement time by over 50% and improve customer service.  > See More

Data Virtualization

A tier one financial services organization retained us to establish and direct an internal working group that explored data virtualization as part of an enterprise wide data integration strategy (hybrid cloud/on-premise).  Throughout the process, we aligned industry use patterns with internal use cases to establish a framework for proof of concept and vendor evaluation.  A white paper was also produced that included input from data architecture, application architecture, data governance, and business groups along with external interviews with experts in the field.

Innovation Framework

Developed an innovation framework/road-map for a tier one financial services organization that will be used to facilitate, persist, and measure innovation throughout the Enterprise in a self-sustaining cycle.  The process by which to match internal talent with technological capabilities and business needs was a primary driver of this exercise.  Analytics as a service, cognitive computing, external data asset management, and data virtualization were included topics.

Collaboration and Alignment Framework

Designed the taxonomy/knowledge management flow and implemented a collaboration and alignment framework that is helping a large organization improve transparency and trace-ability across multiple projects and business, architecture, and technology teams.  This project utilized term storage, metadata navigation, versioning, workflow, and the social features of an out-of-box content management platform.