Create Opportunities

North Castle Integration matches business strategy with innovative technologies and fit for purpose solutions that drive revenue generation, efficiency gain, reduced operational risk, and regulatory compliance.

The result:  

  • Businesses have innovative solutions that efficiently integrate their underlying (and often disconnected) businesses, operational groups, 3rd party partners, and customers;

  • Technology firms have a direct business development path to highly qualified prospects and situations, reducing the sales cycle;

  • Partners are matched to leverage each other’s best of breed expertise, data, and technology for new joint ventures and products.


We have 20+ years of broad based experience in both thought leadership and the implementation of global, cross-functional programs in the financial services industry.  This, along with close working relationships with technology innovators allows us to create value by implementing new ideas. 

As You Innovate, You Need to Integrate

Our approach is practical, leveraging real world industry knowledge, a well connected professional network, and close working relationships with technology innovators.  This is done through small projects that scale up to fulfill a strategic vision, not through long drawn out science projects.


NC-i2i (blog)

North Castle - Innovation to Integration is a blog that explores innovation as it relates to business integration.  This blog is semi-technical in nature and considers social networking, business processes, and emerging technologies.

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