Integrating Insights

On December 12, 2018, and then again on January 16, 2019, North Castle Integration convened two groups of senior executives from some of the world’s leading financial services institutions to explore how they would integrate machine learning methods directly into business processes. In these sessions we used the AI capabilities of Squirro and Salesforce Einstein to demonstrate. This video presents the results of that investigation. It's a lot of information to fit into a few minutes, so feel free to reach out to to schedule live demos. The demos will give you a practical understanding of operationalizing AI and integrating insights.

CRE Location Based Risk Assessment

This video was first published on the Arcadia Data website.

Enable your portfolio managers to quickly analyze risk and opportunities across their entire commercial real estate portfolio. See here for more information from @ArcadiaData and @PitneyBowes.

Visualize AI to Spot New Trading Opportunities

This video was first published on the Arcadia Data website.

See how visualizing AI enables individuals and teams to spot opportunities and explain the underlying decision making process to investors and to regulators. See @Gamalon_inc and @ArcadiaData for more information.

Real Time Trade Surveillance Is Not Just About Trade Data

This video was first published on the Arcadia Data website.

Paul Lashmet explains how alternative data sources enhance trade surveillance by providing a deeper understanding of the intent of trading activities. See here @ArcadiaData for more information.

Combat Financial Crime with Location Intelligence

Intelligence – artificial or real – is only as good as the information it uses. Location intelligence helps contextualize a situation and can augment machine learning and other applications of artificial intelligence. How can location intelligence be applied to regulatory compliance initiatives to help combat financial crime? This video accompanies the article by Kenneth Goodwin, Jeanensis Capital Markets, and Paul Lashmet, North Castle Integration called, "Use Location Intelligence to Combat Financial Crime" and featured in TabbFORUM.

A Discussion About Alternative Data (2016)

This is a video I did way back in 2016 about Alternative Data when it was just starting to be a thing. I think it it still relevant. Enjoy!